The True AI Companion To HR

Bolt-On HROnTips

It can work on top of your existing HRMS to PREDICT ATTRITION


Retain your most valuable asset, your EMPLOYEES!

Predict Attrition with AI

  • Know who's at the Flight Risk
  • Predict using 1000s of data points
  • Attrition rate by job function, department, etc.
  • Identify attrition reasons

Detect Anomalies to stay Compliant

  • Spy-Behind-The-Scene
  • 1000s of data analyst working for you
  • AI engine detects anomalies and recommend preventive measures
  • Stay compliant with legal policies to avoid penalties

Powerful Happiness Index

  • AI engine gauges real-time employee satisfaction
  • 5-emoticon based evaluation

Predictive HR Metrics, Scorecards & Reports

  • Hundreds of Out-Of-The-Box scorecards
  • Real-time employee trend analysis; don’t wait for monthly dashboards

Predictive Search

  • 'ZERO' training required
  • Employee Trends & Insights delivered on fingertips through search
  • Slice & Dice the information in seconds

Introducing AI infused HRMS

Our ultimate goal is to

"Improve Productivity & Reduce Attrition"

See AI Live in Action