HROnTips - An AI-Based Solution to Lower
Employee Attrition

Predict Attrition With AI

Know Who is a Flight Risk

Pattern Prediction

AI Learns and Adjusts to Company Patterns

Intuitive And User Friendly

Zero Training Required

Probability Prediction

Flight Risk at Time of Hire

Introducing HROnTips

True AI Companion to HR Software

An AI-Based Solution to Lower Employee Attrition

Retain your most valuable asset, your EMPLOYEES!


Predict Attrition with AI

  • Know who's at the Flight Risk
  • Predict using 1000s of data points
  • Attrition rate by job function, department, etc.
  • Identify attrition reasons
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Detect Anomalies to stay Compliant

  • Spy-Behind-The-Scene
  • 1000s of data analyst working for you
  • AI engine detects anomalies and recommend preventive measures
  • Stay compliant with legal policies to avoid penalties
HR Metrics

Predictive HR Metrics, Scorecards & Reports

  • Hundreds of Out-Of-The-Box scorecards
  • Real-time employee trend analysis; don’t wait for monthly dashboards
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Predictive Search

  • 'ZERO' training required
  • Employee Trends & Insights delivered on fingertips through search
  • Slice & Dice the information in seconds
Employee well-being

Powerful Happiness Index

  • AI engine gauges real-time employee satisfaction
  • 5 emoticon-based evaluation
  • Helps you engage with your team through behavioural quick links
  • Run reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
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How HROnTips works?

It can work on top of your existing HRMS to Predict Attrition

Bolt-On HROnTips

It can work on top of your existing HRMS to PREDICT ATTRITION

Additional Benefits

Happy Employees

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Retain Good Talent

Keeping talented people for the future of the company

Lower Attrition Rate

This is one of the biggest CEO internal challenges

Focus on Employee Engagement

Then focusing on doing analytics to figure out attrition

Our ultimate goal is to

"Improve Productivity & Reduce Attrition"

See AI Live in Action