AI-powered Performance Management System

Build High-Performance teams with HRonTips

Goals, Competencies, and Target based

Set up monthly, quarterly or annual targets and Goals

Track & Compare trends - see AI in action

See Performance predictions and compare

Self Evaluations

Encourage self-appraisal

360 Continuous Feedback Tools

Smart, automated workflows and notifications

Performance Management System

Heightening employee performance is a vital step that every organization must take. Most Performance Management Systems do not elevate performance. Our Performance Management System not only helps in Employee Development, but also in Decision Making.

AI-Powered Modern Performance

Truly Helps Build High-performance teams

KPI or OKR based

Measure and Track Performance
  • Monitor Goal Status
  • Help Boost Performance
  • Align with Strategic Objectives
  • Set Clear Performance Expectations

360 Feedback

Give & Receive
  • Assists Appraisal Process
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Regularly Scheduled Feedback Events
  • Feedback from Managers, Peers, and Yourself

AI Trends Analysis

Compare and Analyze
  • Analyze Employee Performance
  • Track Progress Over Time
  • Compare Performance by Department and Peers
  • Performance predictions

Performance Management System Features

HROnTips Performance management system not only helps in Decision Making but also Employee Development.

Goals and Targets

KPI Management

Define goals, targets, and KPIs to set clear performance expectations and monitor their status consistently. Goals can be assigned weight, targets, and can also be aligned with the company’s strategic objectives(OKR Method) to drive better performance. Not only this, but you can also define your company’s goal measures rating scale to suit your organizational needs.

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Skills and Competencies

Our Performance Management System allows you to assess employee performance based on Goals, Competencies, or both. These skills can be defined according to your company’s needs.



Conduct weighted inter & intra team feedbacks and peer reviews to get a 360-degree view of employee performance. Create custom feedback forms and request feedback at any time.

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AI in action

Performance Trends and Compare

Our inbuilt reports allow you to compare performance between departments over time. Insightful dashboards help managers track the status of their team and set better goals. Also, get a holistic view of the progress of company goals.


Self Appraisal

Our performance management system allows for employee self-appraisal. Employees can review their own performance and leave feedback based on established goals, competencies, targets, and achievements.

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We’ve got more

PIP, Bonus, Recognition, and Letters

Comprehensive Performance Improvement process with PIP Goals and Ratings. Print and distribute automatically generated custom Performance letters. Use the appreciate wall to give Kudos and boost employee morale. Manage Automatic bonus and rewards based on the performance.

Employee well-being

Happiness Index

Every company relies on their employees' happiness because a happy employee means a happy client. Our Happiness index actually gives you a great deal of information about your employees’ happiness with interactive Emojis. Our AI companion helps you not only to keep a check on your employees’ well-being but also helps you engage with your team through behavioural quick links. To help you motivate your employees’ for better performance and excellent results.

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Our goal is to provide tools to "Build high-performance teams".

Hesitant because of the learning curve and the process changes that follow?

Let our product's simplicity change that for you - Our founder believes that "The requirement of a training manual is our failure."