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Compensation Management

Transform the Art of Compensation Management into a Data-Driven Science

Configure Pools for Merit, Lump Sum, Bonus & Equity

Configure pools and include additional adjustment rules such as Individual modifier, Business Modifier, etc.

Ensure Fair Compensation with Industry Benchmarking

Leverage the data-science behind internal and external compensation benchmarking to ensure parity between employees’ salaries at the time of hiring and performance reviews.

Customize Calculation Rules & Guidelines

Build rules to restrict managers from proposing an unrealistic merit % increase based on ratings, current salary, current comp ratio, and other industry-specific parameters. Get suggestive merit % increase based on the pro-rata auto calculations.

Workflow Approval Automation

Personalize and automate the entire compensation approval process based on your unique needs.

Leverage Historical Performance & Compensation Data

Take reference from the historical data to plan future compensation and reward programs.

Comp Metrics & Scorecards

Get actionable insights faster in real-time through metrics, scorecards, and reports.

Automate Letter Generation & Distribtuion

Print and distribute automatically generated custom letters to your employees such as bonus letters, merit letters, increment letters, promotion letters, etc. Letters can also be generated in bulk based on multiple parameters such as department, location, etc.

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