Introducing AI Infused HRMS

Address tenacious management challenges through the thoughtful application of AI solutions

Modern Hire-to-Retire HRMS

Equip your HR department with the best-in-class technology to start winning the war for best talent!


Hire the Best
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Create Job Requisitions
  • Maintain a centralized database
  • Post job on LinkedIn & Naukri job portals


Induction & Training
  • Virtual Onboarding
  • Create and manage offer letter templates
  • Send offer letters for approval
  • Reminders & email notifications


Core HR, Payroll & Admin
  • Leave & Attendance Employee
  • Payroll (India)
  • Declaration Reimbursement Travel
  • Payslip, Navigational Org


  • Performance Management Task
  • Manage Daily Status Report
  • Learning & Development Rewards
  • GeoTagging and GeoFencing


Reports & Analytics
  • AI based Analytics Smart Scorecards HR Metrics
  • Daily Logs Report
  • Statutory reports & analytics
  • Set preferences for DSR and team reports


Retire Workforce
  • Streamline exit formalities
  • Generate Relieving
  • Conduct and record the feedback
  • Create task lists for various departments

What makes HRonTips different?

Work-from-Home Ready HRMS

Get your employees to make maximum utilization of provided time for assigned projects, monitor your employee working remotely !


Camera Enabled Attendance

HRonTips has a ​camera-enabled attendance​, where you can ensure that the right person is clocked-in.

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Geotagging & Geofencing

The system can capture the ​geolocation of an employee where they are clocking-in from. HROnTips also allows creation of geo-f​encing, around your office location to allow an automatic clock-in clock-out feature.


Daily Status Report

Additionally, employees can submit a ​daily status report which includes the ​no. of hours spent ​on a task or a project​. The geolocation will get recorded at the time of submission as well.

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Task Manager

Task management is an intuitively designed management solution that simply eliminates the need for notebooks, calendar reminders, text messages and virtually every other tool you use to maximize your productivity.

Employee well-being

Happiness Index

Every company relies on their employees' happiness because a happy employee means a happy client. Our Happiness index actually gives you a great deal of information about your employees’ happiness with interactive Emojis. Our AI companion helps you not only to keep a check on your employees’ well-being but also helps you engage with your team through behavioural quick links. To help you motivate your employees’ for better performance and excellent results.

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Open Architecture

Make integration, upgrading and uploading exceedingly uncomplicated under our umbrella!

Our ultimate goal is to

"Improve Productivity And Employee Experience"

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