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Executive Summary

Get a bird’s-eye view of key insights

The Executive Dashboard provides a holistic overview of vital workforce metrics, encompassing employee count, diversity, hiring, absences, departures, training, and other pivotal markers.

Clicking on metrics such as Employee Count, New Hires, or Departures enables access to comprehensive data for each indicator.

This intuitive interface facilitates quick scrutiny and examination of all essential KPIs, presented in a unified, user-friendly format.

Recruitment Dashboard

Examine your recruitment processes & patterns

Empower your hiring strategy with in-depth insights into recruitment data. Delve into statistics such as current job vacancies, successfully filled roles, the efficacy of various sourcing methods, and the total count of conducted interviews.

Tailor your analysis to specific criteria by applying filters like departments, seniority levels, and time periods.

Talent Acquisition Dashboard

Enhance your talent acquisition strategy

This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of the entire hiring process.

Obtain a clear understanding of critical performance metrics, including the duration from job posting to hiring and the time to extend an offer, influenced by factors such as job level, skillset, department, and geographic region.

Customize your assessment by applying filters for time periods, organizational segments, and geographic areas.

Compensation Evaluation

Enhancing pay structures for equity and employee retention

This dashboard provides an in-depth examination of mean salary figures within diverse categories, encompassing business divisions, months, gender, age brackets, seniority tiers, and geographic regions.

Diversity (DE&I) Dashboard

Advance towards a varied & equitable work environment

Empowered by an interactive dashboard, HR professionals can explore demographic particulars and narrow their attention to specific facets, such as gender and cultural inclusivity.

This dashboard showcases an array of statistics illustrating the organization's diversity efforts, encompassing factors like the presence of women in leadership positions and the generational distribution of the workforce.

Performance Dashboard

Discover talent and potential

Employee performance dashboards aid HR teams and organizational leaders in grasping the effectiveness, job satisfaction, and progress toward objectives within their staff.

The dashboard delivers an evaluation of performance that takes into account various elements, including tenure, seniority level, and gender.

Termination Dashboard

Analyze exits and improve retention

This resource encompasses an examination of departures across various categories, such as department, age group, length of service, employment contract, employment type, gender, and the cause for termination.

Analyzing these will help identify problems and gaps and enhance your retention strategy.

Historical Trends Dashboard

Tracing Your Past to Chart Your Future

The Historical and Trend dashboards enable HR teams and business managers to understand the changing trends in employee data, including recruitment, departures, and attrition rates, across different time periods.

Attrition Dashboard

Understanding Attrition to Enhance Retention Efforts

Gaining insight into an organization's employee turnover is essential for assessing employee satisfaction and pinpointing potential contributors to attrition.

This dashboard offers an attrition analysis, distinguishing between voluntary and involuntary departures, and further segmenting the data by factors like tenure, seniority, gender, and age.

Department Overview

In-Depth Look at Departmental Performance

This dashboard provides a detailed visualization of diverse dimensions, including Business Units, Managerial Levels, Employment Status, and Organizational Hierarchies.

Demographic Overview

An Examination of Your Employees’ Demographic Background

This dashboard encompasses essential metrics like employee count, recruitment, and terminations based on demographic factors, offering an in-depth analysis of employees across various business units.

Training & Development

Equipping Employees with Knowledge for Future Advancement

Employee training metrics play a crucial role in evaluating the success and effectiveness of training programs. Utilizing data points and insights, these metrics help align training initiatives with your organization's overarching goals.

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Why HROnTips's HR Analytics Platform?

  • Swift & Simple Implementation in Just a Few Weeks
  • Data Security and Control in Your Environment
  • Fractional Cost Compared to Alternatives
  • Seamless Integration with Numerous Data Sources
  • Customized to Align with Your Organizational Requirements
  • AI-Enabled, Preparing You for HR 4.0

The Innovative AI & NLP Features

  • Instant Visuals - Get easy-to-understand charts that tell the story in seconds
  • Insights - Capture key insights from your data into concise points
  • Predictive Power - Anticipate future HR needs by asking questions about upcoming trends
  • Anomaly Detection – AI finds and alerts you of irregularities in your data
  • NLP Search – Type in plain English “show monthly turnover” to fetch charts that uncover insights

AI-Infused HR Insights for Smarter Decision-Making

Our platform harnesses the strength of AI algorithms and data visualization tools, empowering HR professionals to gain deep, actionable insights into their organization's workforce. With our user-friendly interface and customizable reporting, you'll have the tools at your fingertips to enhance talent management, boost employee performance, and optimize HR processes.

Comprehensive Overview

Effortlessly integrate with HR/HCM and other business systems to establish a centralized reporting hub for all your needs.

Flexible and Customizable

Personalize the platform effortlessly to align with your specific requirements, branding, business logic, and workflows.

Data Security

Our solution ensures both convenience and data security, keeping your HR data safeguarded within your own environment.

Multiple Sources Integration

Gather data from various sources and amalgamate it seamlessly. Incorporate external data into your internal HRMS and other systems for unified insights.

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